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Oakwood, Beaufront, Anick, and Sandhoe
Community Fibre

Dear Resident

Fibre Broadband Opportunity

As you may know from our last community letter, we are exploring ways of improving the broadband service to the area and have explored options to bring full fibre broadband to our neighbourhood with Openreach and WeFibre

Between WeFibre & Openreach we consider that WeFibre offers the better overall solution. If you wish to pursue this option you can register an interest with them (there is no obligation at this stage) in order to help reach the target of 100. Their website offers further information and sign-up details under “Join the waiting List”

WeFibre have said that they will go ahead with the project once we get 100 sign-ups and to date we have reached 74.    

A condition of the funding is that you agree to enter into a minimum 12 month contract with WeFibre The cost of the contract will be payable by you and WeFibre have confirmed the monthly cost starts at £20 per month for 1 Gigabit up and download speed.

The potential for this project is time limited so if the figure of 100 is not reachedand preferably exceeded, by 21 September 2021 then unfortunately the current initiative will be abandoned. 

In the hope that we can generate more community support we will put a copy of this note on the Oakwood Matters social media site.

What are the benefits of a Gigabit Broadband Connection

You may already be able to access superfast speeds but, as our reliance on the internet increases, ultrafast broadband would bring even greater benefits.  Whilst superfast broadband involves the use of copper wires, ultrafast broadband runs the fibre direct into your home or business.  This means that the signal won’t deteriorate over distance and your internet performance won’t depend on how close you are to the telephone exchange or street cabinet.

Benefits of Ultrafast Home Broadband

• As well as using a computer or laptop, people are now connecting to the internet through smartphones, tablets, games consoles, TVs and an entire range of smart home appliances. Ultrafast broadband will support multiple devices connected to the internet at the same time with no reduction in speed;
• Increase the value of your home – as the internet plays such an integral role in our lives. buyers are becoming increasingly reluctant to invest in a property with inadequate broadband speeds;
• Quicker and more reliable internet connection makes it easier to stream films and music and join all those Zoom meetings.

Please remember that if you or anyone else would like more information about the benefits of full fibre broadband then please visit the iNorthumberland

If you have any questions then please get in touch with Laurence Hogarth.

Mobile. 07947 359791 or email. l(dot)hogarth(at)clara(dot)co(dot)uk


Yours faithfully 


The Oakwood Fibre Community Team.



 Welcome to Sandhoe Parish in the county of Northumberland. Situated just north of Hexham in the beautiful Tyne Valley, the parish consists of four hamlets, Oakwood, Anick, Sandhoe and Beaufront Woodhead. Its northern boundary touches Hadrian’s Wall and its southern the River Tyne. It encloses a largely rural area including the Beaufront Castle Estate, but there is an area of significant industrial use on the flood plain of the River Tyne which includes the Egger UK Ltd chipboard factory. We are very fortunate to have a thriving school, Beaufront County First School which is well supported by the community, and a focus for Parish events. Although the population is scattered there is a strong sense of community and local pride in this area.

This site is run by your Parish Council whose aim is to represent the local community and work towards providing useful facilities while maintaining the character of the natural environment within the Parish. We hope you will visit this website for information about Parish Council Meetings and Minutes, Parish news and events but also find things of interest about local government, Planning Applications, local businesses and local history.

The Parish Council meets 4 times a year with the Annual meeting usually occurring in mid April or May. You are always welcome to attend our meetings and if you need to contact us the Clerk of the Council is Bill Grigg [griggbill(at)gmail(dot)com] tel. 01434 634397 or contact details for each councillor can be found on the Parish Councillors’ webpage.

Parish Council notices are posted on the notice board next to the post box at Oakwood and on the noticeboard at Sandhoe. Both notice boards are unlocked and open to residents to post notices relating to activities or events within the Parish of Sandhoe.  The contents of the notice boards are monitored regularly and the Council retains an editorial right to remove inappropriate content without reference to whoever has posted it.  At times it is necessary (by law) for the Council to display statutory notices and at such times the council reserves the right to prioritise the content of the display.


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